So, this one is the first horror game I ever designed. I believe it’s pretty interesting, and I would like to revisit it later.

This game uses the Oculus Rift to create a different experience , in which the player will be blind for some periods of time.

The basic premise is that you were sent to Hell, but something made you stop. Part of you must go through all the circles of Hell, while another part is forever stuck in limbo.  The player must hold a button pressed to close your eyes, as a mean of your soul to forget that you’re in limbo, and be able to walk through Hell, guided by a mysterious voice.

The way I plan on creating a tense atmosphere is making the player see only black, as he is blind walking through the place where the evil is judged and condemned. When the player let the button go, he only sees an eternal white corridor. When the player start the game, there will be messages and voices saying to him shut his eyes. When he shut it, there’ll be a sound indicating that he changed dimensions, and if he let the button go, or press it again, the same sound will be played.

The player should walk forward, but will be hearing sounds related to which part of Hell he is: if he’s where people are being burnt alive, there will be sounds of fire, screams, skin burning… Or if he’s where people are eaten, screams, meat being cut, as any other part of Hell.

The objective is to scare the player by the sound only, because the player will be paying attention to every sound in the game, because the Voice will guide them: Go left, Go right, Stop, Go on…  He must hear the screams and identify what the Voice says. If the sounds of this ambient are not enough, there would be scare jumps, where condemned souls may touch you, screaming and asking for help, or creatures trying to punish you. If the horror is too much – and the objective is to be that scary, but I don’t want to make it so the player get scared only because of the scare jumps -, the player may release the button, and go back to Limbo.

The Limbo I see as somewhere that’s a safe place, but at the same time a very, very “wrong” place to be. I see it as the infinite white corridor for the beginning, but when the player goes deeper in Hell, the Limbo itself may turn in something different. Far away of the player, there will be what looks like gore, blood and things that were not supposed to be shown to anyone. And, in the distance, it’s almost like you can hear the very same screams you hear when you are going through Hell.

I believe that the whole Hell segment should be around ten minutes, one for introductions and one for each circle of Hell. If the player spent more than twenty minutes in the whole experience, or more than ten minutes in Limbo, the player lose. If he manages to go through entire Hell, he wins.

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