First of all, this game was my first participation in Game Career Guide, and one of my first projects that I didn’t had the need to develop with friends, for obvious reasons – it’s based on actual game franchises, and I don’t own anything of it. Here’s the link for it. The theme was Cross-Overs, and here is what I created:

Why? MGS is, with no doubt, one of the most famous franchises in video game history. I can imagine a Lego game using this kind of gameplay to introduce children and teens to stealth gameplay, and beyond, making it fun enough to even people who like Call of Duty to enjoy it. Using Lego in it, we can ignore a lot of stuff, like blood or a complex system of physics, and focus on what matters – ways to improve gameplay and still have fun. For that, I propose three different Metal Gear games and how I would make it use Lego without loose their stronger points.

Lego Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater:

This game would use a lot of colors. First of all, the scenery should have a lot of colors, yet it should be consistent with real life. All the camouflage system consists in painting the dolls, and it could be represented in game with the Lego BE colored by a brush. Because of the colors, it will be simple enough to anyone understand it, and with a large range of colors the game will reward the player which use the best camouflage in each moment.

The famous Cobra’s wouldn’t be funnier just because it’s a Lego game. Between so many good things, a great one in MGS 3 is the enemy design, so it must be preserved. The Fury, for example, must launch fire and demonstrate how much Fury it has, by creating an area around him as a obstacle – To reach him in his “Boss form”, the player must go through this sequence of fire. The Fear, for instance, must be invisible, and player must use the heat vision google to see him. This would be a special item, just like the spells of Lego Harry Potter.

Some characters, as Eva or Sokolov, could use their specific talents to build vehicles or boxes, and Snake could interact with them both. In other hand, Paramedic could heal other characters, and Sigint could improve weapons found by the player, or give them to the player in the central HUB of Snake Eater.

Lego Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker:

One of things I would create is character creation. Not just at multiplayer, and as in Snake Eater, each character would have a different function, but because Mother Base. If the player go online, the other player will have a permanent character of Player 1, and vice versa. The customization should not be too much complex, but should make it personal – player should take care of the character he just created.

All the gameplay is Co-Op. I don’t mean two people, but at least two characters and one player switch between them over the time. Anyway, this one player could have problems if he didn’t have a partner. So we could give him more soldiers in each area because, in my opinion, this is of the problems at the original Peace Walker.

The central HUB of Peace Walker is interact able. And it MUST be the Mother Base, other weak point of Peace Walker – you spend a lot of time improving it, but can’t interact with. You can select all characters you have so far and use them in the base. Do you want to improve the armory? Use one engineer to repair it with the currency you collect during the core gameplay. Want to train one soldier to become better? Go with him to Training Zone and shoot stuff.

The creation of Metal Gear Zeke is yours. Sacrificing its initial style, the player build it like he want, but having a basic structure. The engineers will comment, however, if something could be improved – if Zeke doesn’t have an important weapon, for example. It should be personal, after all, it’s YOUR creation. If player doesn’t like to build stuff, he can just use the “Normal build”, which is exactly like the original.

Lego Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of Patriots:

The jewel of Lego Metal Gear Solid. The story is lighter than others, because the game is adult, more than others Metal Gear games. The story would be lighter only by adding funny stuff Telltale know how. I mean, for example, the Old Snake paint, at the microwave corridor, become liquid and turns to yellow.

The Beauty and the Beast battles would be a little bit simpler. Just five hits would be enough to kill or disarm each one of them, but the battle would seem a lot like the original. I mean the target system, with vision over the shoulder.

The Octocamo and Octoface works differently from the original here, giving the character the appearance of the background. To become fun to the player, sounds of Lego pieces getting united and separated will play after each move.

The weapon customization would be simple enough to be useful, but not essential. By adding things like Ropes or Shovels, the player could add traps, like holes to cause the enemy fall or go through roof using the rope. Actually, the weapon customization should be changed to “Accessory Customization”, which would work as Indiana Jones whip in Lego Indiana Jones, a special feature for one character.

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